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The site presents the project of Personal Payment Server MyProxy® 

This device will change current scheme of network interaction of users with Internet resources.


Internet "as it is"


I would like us to build a world in which I have control of my data, <…> have legal ownership of all the data about me.

I’m frustrated on behalf of everybody using the Web at the moment

Sir Tim Berners-Lee,
Inventor of Internet




Internet “as it is”: Users and Resources

In modern Internet ("as it is"), participants belonging to one of two categories interact:

Users – fulfill information requests on the Internet, carry out selection and payment of goods, booking tickets and places in hotels, financial transactions.


Internet resources (sites) – information-and-software constructions in the Network, intended for users’ service. It can be a store, a bank, a reservation service, a social network - any site that provides information, goods or services.

Users and Internet resources have absolutely different rights, status, presence mode and security in the Network.

Rules of game in modern Internet are completely determined by Internet resources, while users are restricted by their status and possibilities.

This inequality is the cause and source of all the troubles and chronic diseases of Internet “as it is”.



Internet “as it is”: Rules of game are completely determined by Internet resources

  • Internet resources are stationary and connected to the Network around the clock (24/7 mode), i.e. they are resident on the Web
  • Interact by most reliable and secure "server-server" scheme. Reliability is based on certification of servers in the Network and the absence of manual operations during interaction
  • Automatically process users' requests
  • Dictate methods of identification, authentication and protection to users
  • Determine technology of payments and other operations 
  • Collect contact, personal and payment data of users, as well as information about their behavior on the Web. This can cause various abuses, forming SPAM flow, unsolicited advertising and tracking.


Internet “as it is”: Users are restricted by their status and possibilities

  • Users are present in the Web by sessions only as clients of Internet resources
  • Use a variety of gadgets, including mobile devices, to access the Internet 
  • Repeatedly pass authentication procedures on various sites, usually using a combination of login/password. This scheme is unreliable and vulnerable, it can cause cyber fraud and loss of data
  • Repeatedly enter their personal and payment data, which can be the object of theft and abuse
  • Functional possibilities in communication process are restricted to filling of forms; all information is entered manually, it is laborious and inconvenient
  • Orders of users are entered from terminal devices and are stored on the server, which generates the possibility of discrepancies and inconsistencies


Conditions for increasing the status of users in network communications

  • Resident representation (24/7) of the user on the Web
  • Eliminating the need to remember countless passwords and enter them repeatedly 
  • Most of typical operations on the Web should be performed automatically by user's commands and under his/her control
  • Personal data of user should be reliably placed in the personal segment of the Network and not be transferred to third party
  • Users on the Web should be represented by pseudonyms


Solution: user’s personal server MyProxy®


Properties and functions of user’s personal server MyProxy

  • Server MyProxy is the property of the user; it is permanently located on territory of the user, it is resident on the Web in 24/7 mode. 
  • The user’s server works as a gateway for connecting to the Network, as a single point of exit from any terminal devices of the user, including mobile ones. 
  • The user passes through personal multi-factor authentication on personal server MyProxy; this is reliable protection against outsiders’ penetration into his/her private area. This eliminates the need for multiple authentication on the servers of Internet resources. 
  • Server MyProxy is a storage of user’s aggregated  personal data in an area that is hidden from outsiders.
  • Server MyProxy serves as a filter that cuts off harmful Web impackts - SPAM, unsolicited advertising, tracking.
  • Server MyProxy hosts software robots that perform network procedures by commands and under control of a user. At the same time, user’s manual operations are minimized.

User’s personal server MyProxy can be represented in various executions. The most convenient, practical and secure variant is a compact single-board mini-computer with a chip card reader. Server MyProxy is comparable in size, weight and price with usual WiFi-routers.


How networking changes


Usual scheme       Work through personal server MyProxy  
Exchange of information by ordinary, poorly protected client-server protocol
  Exchange of information by most reliable server-to-server protocol
User is present in information space by sessions
  Server MyProxy is present in the network resident (24/7) 
Authentication is performed with login/password

  Authentication is performed according to a special code, determined automatically
There is no confidentiality, user‘s personal data "walk" through the Network
  Personal data is stored in the user's private area and is not transmitted over the Web
User is mobile, Internet resources are stationary
  User is mobile, user’s personal server MyProxy is stationary
Payment transactions are performed by routine manipulation    Payment operations are performed automatically in safe mode under user’s control 


Changing structure of the Internet

Implementation of user’s personal servers MyProxy fundamentally changes structure of the Network and nature of interactions of participants.

User’s requests and replies from network resources are based on server-server protocols, which are distinguished by increased reliability and security.

Through server MyProxy, user interacts with Internet resources and other users.

Interaction is performed by software robots with minimal use of manual input, but under full control of the user.

Servers MyProxy have SSL-certification, they are completely legitimate and equal in status to servers of Internet resources.


Using servers MyProxy makes the Web structure homogeneous.


Combination of stationarity and mobility


Server MyProxy is installed stationary in the user's territory, which provides the most reliable multi-factor Network authentication.

User can connect to the Network through any terminal devices and gadgets, including mobile devices. User's mobile devices are authenticated on his personal stationary server MyProxy. At any time and from any point user makes network requests and performs operations, while the Internet access point remains stationary. 



Servers MyProxy can optimally combine reliability of stationarity and convenience of mobility.


Payment procedure


Payment transactions are the most important stage of communications, requiring maximum protection.


The most vulnerable action is multiple entry of personal and payment data of the user, which are reported to each online store or other similar resource. This routine action creates the prerequisites for the interception and theft of personal information and the implementation of network fraud.


Server MyProxy allows to organize a secure payment procedure in which the user does not need to publish payment details by telling the online store details of bank card. This important improvement is based on the fact that the user’s bank "recognizes" a particular MyProxy server. Accordingly, it is easy to determine all the information necessary for the payment, because it was recorded at the documentary registration of the owner and the server..


The user receives an invoice from the store for the selected product, but does not pay directly to the resource, as in the conventional procedure. Instead, he/she sends the order to the bank for payment. The order is transferred from the user to the bank through the server-server channel without additional authentication. Stationarity of server MyProxy guarantees reliability of interaction.


Payment procedure MyProxy is protected from phishing, does not require entering login and password. Personal and payment data of user are not replicated in the Web. The order received by the bank from server MyProxy is legally meaningful and irrevocable.


User’s private Internet

Personal server MyProxy allows to organize private information zone of the user in the area protected from third-party penetration.

“Private” zone is the area of activity of many single-user applications, software robots that serve the user, collecting, storing and processing private information with the guarantee of its non-proliferation.

Aggregation and synchronization of a variety of user’s data from his/her devices and gadgets is done without involvement of extraneous resources and services, which reduces risks of theft and hacking.

“Private” zone also includes control for home appliances connected to Internet. Expected rapid development of Internet of Things makes this part of the project especially relevant.


Personal payment server MyProxy provides:

  • authentication on network resources without logins and passwords
  • connection of user's terminal devices to server MyProxy within user’s personal protected area
  • optimal combination of user’s mobility with the stationarity of Internet connection point
  • protection against network fraud and harmful Web impact
  • storage of personal, contact and payment data of the user in a safe private zone, protected from third-party communication participants
  • presentation of a user on the Web by alias using dynamic digital code
  • safe and comfortable payment procedure, which excludes transfer of personal and bank data to a third party
  • legal significance and irrevocability of all transactions performed through server MyProxy